bci came to fruition after years of talking about blogging or writing a book to pass my experiences on in hopes that others can learn from me or just find general entertainment from my writings. these writings are intended for anyone, im not going to box you into a group or exclude topics as that would not only limit me but primarily limit you.

so i challenge you to – unlimit yourself , wether or not these types of blogs are what you seek – read and interact with BlueCove Insights … me!

That said, i do want to answers some basic questions for you:

  • Why should You read this blog?
    • To learn, grow, & understand the experiences and lessons learned from another perspective and to know that there is someone else out there that can relate to what you have experienced in your life.
  • Which types of posts do you write?
    • Lifestyle: socio-economical, race challenges, health, and personal growth experiences
  • Why did I start this blog?
    • In hopes to better myself and others.
  • Who is BCI?
    • Dorothy, is the creator or BlueCove Insights, she is an energetic, sometimes overly independent, sometimes insecure person with a big heart and a passion for people’s happiness, who perseveres, thrives, learns, and tries to change in the midst of challenge.
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