Last month, I was doing some recruiting for my company out in West Lafayette, IN and my husband and I made plans to meet in Chicago for the weekend.

While making my way to Chicago, I decided to take a little detour thru Gary, Indiana.

I had heard the tails of the lost soul of Gary. The Abandoned city has been seemingly left to drift away, much like Detroit and Flint. Ive read a bit about the crime and drug trade due to the lack of income for the city. And even though almost everyone you talk to in the area will say ,”ooh dont go to Gary”, I had this desire to see it first hand.

The city is in beautiful ruins.

The architecture is amazing.

The city was quiet.

I couldnt help but wonder, why this city was left behind.

The city exists, the people exist but the mainstream has forgotten it.

I remember the bright scenes from “The Music Man” and how it was a central hub for the midwest. And yes maybe there is no need for shipping to go thru the city but that doesnt mean the world should put it in its back pocket and wait for it fall out so it can forget about it

I saw a city that could prosper in art, culture & museums, history, posh waterfront hotels, boutique shops, critically acclaimed restaurants and eateries, architectural tours, and neighborhoods that rival the historic districts of Chicago, DC, and New York .

I only wish I had a wealth of funds to invest into bringing the city back to existing on the map.

City Hall


Abandoned Church


Abandoned Theater


Lost Beautiful College Rectory


The down side of my wish is that could mean displacement of the current residents which i also dont understand.

There has to be a way to rebuild while integrating.




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