Art Connecting Us All

I happened to log into WP today and, its been a long hiatus and im not even sure i can call it that as i havent been regular about my postings….anyway, upon logging in my feed showed an intriguing post about Art, Writing and how, if it is done right, touches and impresses upon our true being. BTW, thank you Erica for your wonderful post ‘Art Isn’t An Anecdote‘!

Instantly 2 thoughts came to mind –

I. How prevalent it is that the world and all of us in it are connected thru our energies.

Why did i think this? – well I have finally started, again, writing what i hope to be my first book, just last weekend, and then i just so happened to login into WP today and whala! the feed on writing a story that ‘transcended from the personal to the universal’. Maybe just a coincidence, but i like the feeling and knowing that we are all connected.

The tie of the feed to my starting on writing is my universal sign that i am on the right page and that as I share the anecdotes of my life, I see what it means to let my readers be driven by the deeper meaning of my story.

I truly hope that at the end of my writing, i have met this challenge and that i have fulfilled others lives.

II. The True meaning of Art is Still Alive

I was reminded  of a conversation my husband and I were having about the goal of being an artist, which stemmed from our conversation about my aspirations of writing a book, which led into a debate about peoples goals of becoming rich and famous for their art.

This thought was in my mind because i had been going thru one of those times of feeling lost, feeling like i wasnt accomplishing any of my personal goals, and questioning my value at work which happened to coincide with the reading of, this article – Generate 7 Figures From A Book Without Selling a Single Copy

It saddened to me realize that my idea, now i know many others, of art and the goal i hope to achieve is much harder then i would like and it is going to be infinitely harder to reach the people i want because the world of writing and art in general has been flooded by art-imitators who’s primary goal is money. Thru the course of our conversation i unfortunately lumped the true artists in with the artimitators, and that because of that, dare i say ‘horrible’, article, i began defending and lumping myself into this ‘get-rich’ mindset. sad, sad, sad.

My husband brought me back to the true meaning that night when he said “look at Banksy, he’s not doing what he does for fame or money, he does it because thats just what he loves to do…”

And then stumbling upon ‘Art Isnt An Anecdote‘ solidified even more the true reasons why Artists are who they are and do what they do – its about the passion within, impact that is made, and the purpose of the expression that transcends and is immortal.



*Image is not mine, it was taken from the web


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