Different Insights? BlueCove Insights?

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Wow! First Post…. Honestly, i never thought i would actually be – blogging!

im sure you have already thumbed thru the site and have read thru the ‘About’ but i would like to take a little more of your time to use this post to tell you more about why i really started this blog and what i plan to do with it (yes taken directly from the help editor).

i was born and raised here in Austin, Texas (i used ‘here’ well because, i am still here and never left!) where i was adopted at the ripe age of 6 weeks old by two wonderful, and sometimes not so wonderful (just as we all are), people who i couldnt have been more blessed to have in my life. Blog Topic: Adoption – This is one topic that i will frequent because not only have i experienced the personal hardships of adoption but the additional challenge of being adopted into a different race.

Throughout my life here in Austin, i have seen it grow into the mecca it is (im sure i dont need to go into details about Austin Texas as im sure you have already heard of it) and have had the opportunity and challenge of enjoying and experiencing Austin in many different ways. Blog Topic: This is another topic i will frequent where most of the socio-economic blogs will stem from.

i am a two time cancer survivor/thriver/perseverer. i think you know whats coming next – Blog Topic. This topic is where i feel the blogs will be the most sensitive and touch or rub or irritate you the most. This topic opens the door for so many other topics of which i will focus on- life & death, relationships, fertility & abortion, and life perspectives.

i will also share little tidbits that come to me in their own way that i will want to share with you, ill call this Blog Topic: General Entertainment.

i hope you find yourself interested to read what is yet to come!

Please feel free to leave a comment to let me know what you think.





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